Pokémon Legends Arceus Review

About Pokémon Legends Arceus Review

Today we are finally sharing with you our Pokémon Legends Arceus review! Pokémon legends Arceus was released in January 2022 by Game Freak for the Nintendo Switch but now is available on Android and iOS. In the beginning, the player will transform into Akari or Rei. Your adventure is set in the Hisui region, based on the island of Hokkaido during early Japanese colonization. Your goal is to explore this region with the Diamond and Pearl clans. The player can unlock Pokémon that can travel fast, fly, swim and climb. The game turns you into a real Trainer and takes you into a world full of adventure. So, prepare for a fun and stay with us until the end of the article!

More About Pokémon Legends Arceus

Read this Pokémon Legends Arceus review if you want to explore the game’s natural landscapes, battle different Pokémon, and catch them. Wild Pokémon react differently depending on the species. Some will attack you, while others will run away from you. Each Pokémon has a limited amount of uses and may acquire up to four abilities. Also, whichever side’s Health Point falls to zero first, that side’s Pokémon Legends Arceus Mobile loses its fighting ability.

Newly Discovered Pokémon

One novelty that made all the players happy was the new Pokémon. So let’s introduce them!

  • Wyrdeer
  • Basculegion
  • Kleavor

How To Catch The Pokémon Without Fighting our Pokémon Legends Arceus Review

In Pokémon Legends Arceus, you can catch Pokémon without a fight! It would help if you built sympathy with them so that you can easily catch them.

How To Complete The Pokédex

First, you need to add information to your Pokédex by catching Pokémon. Capturing Pokémon is not enough to complete its Pokédex entry. Secondly, you need to keep studying Pokémon and complete all tasks, so you are granting you access to new areas.


The graphics are better compared to the previous parts. The landscape is much more realistic, and the skill effects are also very eye-catching. So I don’t know what you’re waiting for, start the adventure, catch a Pokémon and explore the beautiful landscape.

If you want to watch gameplay, you can do it here:

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